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1 in 3 Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Fall Victim to a Data Breach

Why? Cybercriminals leverage the path of least resistance. That means businesses that have limited time and resources to put towards cybersecurity become a prime target. Could your business be in their sights?  

Don't be blindsided by your employee's dark web data.

With more and more data breaches happening every day, it's likely your employees' information is being sold on the Dark Web.


We will search the Dark Web for compromised credentials associated with your domain.


Let's stop a breach BEFORE it happens.

Protect your organization, and your reputation, from cyber criminals by starting from the inside-out

With human error causing over 92% of data breaches, we understand the importance of focusing on the weakest link by empowering employees through self-improvement, personal protection, and engaging training that is relate-able, not demeaning. 

Do You Know What a Data Breach Could Cost You?

WARNING The Results May Shock You

Sure, you might know that there are "some" monetary repercussions of suffering a data breach, like the costs associated with notifying the individuals involved, but what about the rest? Rely on word of mouth or referrals? Customers may not be so quick to refer a company that compromised their data.

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